How To Create A Well-Written Song

8 Apr


led zeppelin vinyl

led zeppelin vinyl (Photo credit: sebgqc)


Hello, readers.




I’m writing this post for those who are looking to create a well-written song, but are unfamiliar with terms and whatnot. I’ll simplify this for you and hopefully, you can create good music!




Writing methods can vary and can often cause one hell of a headache if your focus is out of sync. If you’re a guitar player and/or singer, the process is fairly easy. You must first think of what tone/message you’d like to deliver to your audience. Do you want them to sob and give them a temptation to re-call their ex? Ex. Do you want to create an up-beat song hat could get your grandmother to dance? Ex. Or create a smooth arrangement that could be the backing track to an inspiring movie about a boy who lost his way? Ex.




If you’re getting writers block, simply put on an artist you absolutely can’t get enough. Go ahead….




Okay, now turn that bullshit off because you’re trying to be original. Don’t take chords or structures from an artist and tweak them ever-so slightly… You’ll be discredited and labeled a dork. Moving on… A song CANNOT be made in the matter of hours, unless you’re Led Zeppelin. You’re not Led Zeppelin. Keep it simple by creating either a chorus, or intro to start. Listen to it, tweak it for a while, and go on with your day or another task. COME BACK, play it, tweak it. Give your ears a rest and see if it’s still the sound you want. If you’re UNSURE, why continue? If you’re questioning your product, fix it or erase it. You can obviously tell if someone just said, “Meh, let’s just keep it in”. It’s lazy. You have to know that your music will be forever stamped and forever played that way. Why not make it great?




With all of those songs listed, it’s the same approach, but with minor tweaks. I’ll explain… By creating harmony, (Instruments hitting the same scale, sometime the same notes, but together the don’t cause any noise) you’ll be giving your track a whole new meaning and blend. If you feel as though your chords aren’t “full” enough, try using as many variations as you can of that chord. Always change it up. You’re not rhianna, so don’t repeat things for too long. Yeah, they’re an instant hit sometimes, but people will forget you. Unless, of course, you’re the queen of putting the Crosby kids in the pool.




Obviously each genre is its own style, but you have to approach it the same. Your vocal melodies should match your instruments. It’s always best to change them up from lower to higher pitches as often as you can without breaking flow. Think to yourself, “am I interested enough to listen to the rest of the song?” That’s the goal. You want your listeners to want more out of you. So, increase the intensity, dropping hints throughout the song of great hooks coming up.




Personally, I believe the bass and percussion creates the most important part of the blend. It’s gives you the rhythm in songs that don’t use intense guitar distortion. The bass should match the kick drum as much as possible, while progressing with the guitars as well. It’s essential to not make your guitar parts so far out of reach that it will impossible to match.




I’m trying to not be entirely specific because I’m sure I’ll get some music gate keeper throwing me to the wolves, but this is just another perspective. I found it easier to work with groups. Send your friends a goal and a tone. Let them fix something up on their own and present it. Give suggestions and be open to criticism. If your guitar sounds too alone, layer it with another guitar either playing the same things, or a rich lead higher or lower than your rhythm.




Now, you could talk about different scenarios for hours so I’ll end this by asking:




What do you want to achieve and where are you stuck?




Post your questions/comments below.




-Tyler J. Cuda





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