Intermittent Fasting – Gain Lean Mass, Shed Pounds.

6 Apr

Hello, readers.

Some people are looking for new ways to lose lbs when what your current regimen isn’t quite making the cut. I often used to wake in the early a.m. and saw I still had some chub and I didn’t have the tone to match. A big blob as you will. I was at a standstill or a “peak” in my fitness. So, I looked for other ways to achieve my goal: Lean Mass.

Using the Intermittent Fasting method really spiked my mood, attitude and desire to hit the gym because I know that every time I would go, I was actually doing something to forward my progress to be sexy smooth. Ok, I’ll try and be serious without saying sexy smooth.

How it works: First thing is creating a window of either 5, 6, or 7 hrs to eat. The rest of the day, you can drink water, tea, low calorie drinks or black coffee. So, the intervals go as following: EAT: 5 hrs FAST: 19 hrs. 6 hrs/18 hrs or 7 hrs/ 17 hrs. I know, it’s a very delicate and fragile equation…

What your actually doing to your body: During the fast, it gives your body a nice cellular rinse. Over time, you’ll see an excellent shed in unwanted fat and not feel like a schmuck or uncomfortable in your own skin. Hell, I was so much different not being confident, even though I liked my arms and legs. It’s just that damn stomach that lingered like a line at a soup kitchen.

Important: This is where everything slips on like a pair of yoga pants. YOU DON’T EAT BEFORE YOU LIFT/RUN, or if you’re that guy who is riding the stand up, ass bike, better known as an elliptical. I found that it was much easier to do a lunch/dinner combination for my eating window, which was usually after I went to the gym. Now, when you return from the gym, gets some protein no longer than 20 minutes after you end your workout. Depending on your body weight, I suggest doing at least 100 grams of the proteins and such. Get those muscles to soak that shit in when it needs it. Then, eat like a bohemian family taking advantage of the free bread rolls. Make that window to eat after you workout.

Cleansing: About once or twice a week, I fast as long as 24 hrs to 48 hrs. You have to be serious and kick your old habits to the curb. I couldn’t follow through right away because I’ve had the same eating patterns for years. It takes a good, quality as whooping on your brain to realize, “Hey, almighty brain. I’m dedicated to not follow your murderous ways, even though I personally developed them” and if you really want to change, do it. Don’t do an Obama change and pull out after you get in.

Things not to do: Don’t be a dork and eat 2 hours before you sleep, like I did. It’s the worst thing you can do. Also, don’t watch the food network while you’re fasting. You should at that point consider a less torturous method, like water boarding yourself or shoving bamboo sticks under your fingernails. Be creative.

So, on a better note: Stay focused, stick to a plan, and kick the chub to the curb and don’t call it back. It hates that. Good luck, readers. Take it or leave it, it worked for me, so I thought I’d share the wealth!

– Tyler J. Cuda


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